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Africa (2007): Development of IWRM Performance Indicators for African Transboundary Basins management

Published May 2011

Development of IWRM Performance Indicators for African Transboundary Basins management

September 2007- September 2010

BENEFICIARY: European Union, DG

FUNDING: EU Water Facility

Background :

The International Network of Basin Organisations (INBO) and its regional branch in Africa (ANBO) proposed to develop and field-test Performance Indicators adapted to the design and monitoring of the implementation of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) principles in African Transboundary basins.

These Key Performance Indicators (KPI) will help :

- Basin Committees to define appropriate objectives, thanks to the check-list side of the PI ;

- BO management to design (River or Lake) Basin Management Plans (BMP), and the associated Programmes of Measures (PoM), by providing guidelines and benchmarking ;

- Public participation to be active, by highlighting what is expected in terms of involvement ;

- BO stakeholders to monitor the BMP / PoM process ;

- Donors to assess the quality of work and the use of their funds.

The development of Performance Indicators for African Transboundary Basin management – including practical tests and comparisons - were achieved in September 2010.


Services :

During the three years of implementation a large number of successive tests were carried out in pilot basins (10), interactive workshops for feedback and exchange were organized between the basins, and finally analyses on cost-benefit and the sustainability of such an approach using indicators in the river basins.

The final list of indicators includes:

* 20 indicators on the governance and operation of organizations in charge of the implementation of integrated management in transboundary basins;

* 15 indicators on the river basin, with descriptive indicators of its condition, pressures and responses.


The activities to disseminate the project results (workshops at the General Assembly of the African Network of Basin Organizations (ANBO), specific seminar during the World Water Week in Stockholm in 2010), showed a strong interest of basin organizations and donors on these notions of performance indicators but also the significant needs in terms of popularization and support for their future use.