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Kenya (2010-2012): Technical Support to MOMBASA Water and Sewerage Company (MOWASCO)

Published May 2011

Technical Support to Mombasa Water and Sewerage Company (MOWASCO)

May 2010- May 2012

BENEFICIARY: Coast Water Services Board (CWSB)

FUNDING: AFD (French Agency for Development)

Background :

The Joint Venture SEURECA – Office International de l’Eau is providing services to the Coast Water Service Board, a state corporation under the supervision of the Ministry of Water and Irrigation (MW&I). The overall objective is to bring a technical support to MOWASCO the MOMBASA water company (with a total staff of approximately 420 individuals) to the benefit of the population of Mombasa area (exceeding 900,000 inhabitants).

The scope of works for this assignment is including:

- Support to MOWASCO in implementing a ‘Capacity Building Program’ comprising of a GIS Program, a Metering and Leak detection Program, a Customers’ Management Improvement Program, and a Water Quality Monitoring Program.

- Support to MOWASCO in Preparing and Implementing an Improvement Action Plan (IAP) in the areas of General Management and Maintenance Improvement.

- Support to CWSB for Supervision, including assistance in Project Management, Consultancy Service Monitoring, Monitoring of the procurement process of Contractors, Monitoring of the supervision of the construction of works, Budget monitoring and Project evaluation


Services :

Customer management: Analysis of the Customer management processes, propositions for improvement, clean up of the customer database and provision of a new customer management software

Management and organization: Analysis of the current organization of the company, Implementation of an Improvement action plan including reorganization and new internal procedures, elaboration of a training program, Maintenance improvement

Water quality: Audit of water quality management and laboratory facilities, definition of human and technical needs and elaboration of terms of reference