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Bulgaria (2001-2002): Creation of basin organisation

Published May 2011

Creation of basin organisation

July 2001 - November 2002

BENEFICIARY: Ministry of the Environment and Water, Bulgaria

FUNDING: European Commission

Background :

The Bulgarian Ministry of the Environment and Water selected the French proposal, prepared by the International Office for Water, for the twinning BG99 EN-93 which aimed at setting up 4 Basin Authorities, planned for in the water law.

A four-week study tour enabled eight high Bulgarian officials, among them were the future Managers of the Basin Organizations, to get acquainted with water management in France and acquire deep knowledge of the Water Agencies.


Services :

The activities allowed the preparation of proposals for :

* Defining the organisational structure and tasks of the Basin Organisations,

* Adaptating the water resource monitoring system,

* Proposing a national method, tested in the Vit-Ossam pilot basin, to be used when preparing basin management plans (integrated management at the level of the basin, dialogue, etc.),

* Improving coordination and relations between the Ministry of the Environment and Water and the other organisations involved in water management.