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Czech Rep. (2001-2002): Implementation of the Nitrates Directive

Published May 2011

Implementation of the Nitrates Directive

January 2001December 2002

BENEFICIARY: Ministry of the Environment, Czech Rep.

FUNDING: European Commission

Background :

This Twinning CZ99/IB-EN-01 was led by the United Kingdom and dealt with the implementation of four directives:

1/ Directive 76/464/EEC on pollution caused by certain dangerous substances,

2/ Directive 80/68/EEC on groundwater protection,

3/ Directive 98/83/EEC on the quality of water intended for human consumption,

4/ Directive 91/676/EEC on the protection of water against pollution caused by nitrates from agricultural sources.


The International Office for water was in charge of the activities dealing with the “nitrates” directive in liaison with the Czech Ministry of Agriculture.


Services :

· Preparation of technical procedures,

· Delimitation of vulnerable zones,

· Preparation of codes of good agricultural practices and corresponding action plans,

  • Training and information programmes.